Haiku by Francine

his laugh rings out—
no need for the fisherman
to exaggerate

I raise my head
from his chest, heartbeats
to crickets 

open house
my children, their children . . .
joy is my middle name

fond grandma
rose-colored glasses
banana smeared

finding my father
in a Franz Hals painting—
how his eyes twinkle

warmed by the fire
not wanting to be older
or younger

poolside, we chat
about reincarnation;
no longer strangers

lilac buds
affirming the earth
and its fullness

snapped line—
the salmon’s full length
in the air

on her hospital bed:
beyond vogue
without lipstick
without rouge

her hand,
I reach
the coma

twilight deepens—
the wordless things
I know

tapped his Moses on the knee:
arise and walk!
I kiss the cherry-red mouth
on the canvas

occupational hazard:
paint on her nightgown

Mother’s Day
gift-wrapped box of chocolates
one piece missing

star-shaped leaves
on each point
a raindrop

Bibliography of Books by Francine Porad

Francine Porad published books of haiku, senryu, tanka, and linked verse regularly for more than twenty years. Each of the following books was published by her own press, Vandina Press, except where noted.
Connections, 1986
Pen & Inklings, 1986
After Autumn Rain, 1987
Blues on the Run, 1988
Free of Clouds, 1989
Without Haste, Cicada Chapbook Award, 1989
Hundreds of Wishes, 1990
A Mural of Leaves, 1991
Joy Is My Middle Name, 1993
The Patchwork Quilt, HSA Merit Book Award Winner, 1993
Waterways, Haiku Canada Sheet Selection, 1995
All Eyes, 1995
Ladles and Jellyspoons: Presentations, 1996
Extended Wings, 1996
Moon, Moon, 1997
Fog Lifting . . . , 1997
All the Games, 1997
Let’s Count the Trees, Haiku Canada Sheet Selection, 1998
Family Album, 1999
When in Doubt Add Red, 1999
The Perfect Worry-Stone, 2000
Cur*rent, with Marlene Mountain, 2000
Other Rens, books 1, 2, and 3, with Marlene Mountain and Kris Kondo, 2000
Trio of Wrens, with Marlene Mountain and Kris Kondo, 2000
Second Blooming, 2001
Hollyhocks Stand at Attention, 2001
Probably, with Marlene Mountain, 2002
Probably II, with Marlene Mountain, 2004
Sunlight Comes and Goes, 2004